New UsersPlease refer to the document included with your Chromebook that provided your username and default password for your Google and Microsoft 365 Accounts. 

To submit a support ticket for a password reset:

  1. Click here to open to the help desk home screen in a new tab.

  2. Sign in by clicking on the tab in the upper right corner of the screen.  If you are already signed in, go to step 3.
    Note: If you have not used the help desk previously, you will need to click 'Sign Up' and create a new account 

  3. Click on the New Ticket tab in the upper right corner of this screen

  4. Make the subject line "Password Reset" 

  5. List the following information for "Description"
    • Your full name
    • Your NUID/Employee ID #
    • Indicate whether you need a password reset for Google, Microsoft Office 365 or both
    • A recovery email (optional)
    • A recovery phone number (optional)

  5. Click "Submit"

A support rep will reach out to you with return information by email within 48 hours.  Please check your email spam folder if you have not received a response in that time.